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Project Management: Common sense applied with uncommon discipline.


Mountains are dangerous  . . . and so are projects.  They are similar in many respects.  I know this from personal experience in both environments.  Here is what Freiderich Nitzsche had to say about the mountains:

"Mountain climbing is a risky activity and not to be taken lightly no matter how easy or benign your chosen peak might seem. Remember: Looks can be deceiving. The mountains are filled with danger and dramaLightning can stab out of a clear skyThunderstorms quickly form and drench you with rain and sleet. Rockfall and avalanches sweep down mountain faces. Difficulties can slow you, forcing you to bivouac in the open. You or your climbing partner can have an accident, causing all kinds of complicationsIf you’re a novice and inexperienced in the ways of the mountains, then it’s wise to go with more experienced companions or a guide. You can learn from them what it takes to be safe in the mountains so you can return another day for a new adventure."

So it is with projects. See Meditations on Project Management for a list of projects that experienced danger, drama, lightning, thunder and all the rest. 

​More on the benefits of professional project management here:  

selected engagements

Fortune 500 Company WiFi and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Upgrade

Project Manager for 150+ building upgrade for deployment of Aruba AP215, AP225, AP275 access points and DAS infrastructure.

Fortune 500 Company Subsidiary Vulnerability Remediation

Project Manager for vulnerability remediation for Windows and Linux hosts. Developed and coordinated remediation protocol, managed vulnerability remediation approval and scheduling, and facilitated project communications to ensure no production impact.

Online/Mobile Banking Service Provider Security Audit

Project Manager for information security assessment consisting of policy review, architecture analysis, device audit, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and PCI gap analysis. 

Hospital Technology Refresh

Project manager for 200 bed hospital technology refresh. Conducted project kickoff, developed detailed work breakdown structure, managed communications with key stakeholders.

Fortune 500 Company -- Infrastructure Upgrade and Migration

Critical application and infrastructure upgrade initiative to move from an aging legacy iSeries environment to a new IBM Power 7 hardware and software environment. In addition to installing and configuring new highly scalable and redundant i770 environments, the project successfully migrated all legacy iSeries development, test and production environments hosted in 12 LPARS with minimal disruption to global business partners. Worked closely with Wipro and Cognizant on this project. 25,000+ hour global project.

Major Online Retailer ($2.5B+ Annual Revenue) -- Quality Training

Developed and delivered quality management curriculum for Community College Professional Development Center – Statistical Process Control for Customer Service. 

Major University Medical Center -- Storage

Project Manager for implementation of a 2 petabyte EHR storage and enterprise backup solution.

Fortune 500 Company -- Backup Network 

Managed backup network architecture project for 1400 server network.

Major Entertainment Company -- Network Migration

Managed $1.3M data center/LAN/WAN upgrade project replacing older Cisco technology with current Cisco products and migrating the network. Project involved client’s corporate, online, and broadcast environments in 4 business locations and a data center located across the US.

Cash Logistics Company -- Network Security and Redundancy

Managed enterprise network security and redundancy upgrade.  This project included 100+ branch offices and a data center. Core was replaced with redundant Cisco Cat 6509 switches in two data centers. Cisco Security Agent was deployed to 100+ servers and 1500+ workstations. New wireless access points were deployed to all branches. Worked closely with Cisco and IBM. 

Air Freight Company -- Application Development

​​Engagement/project manager for development of new invoicing software for the largest US Section 134 air freight company.  

Cash Logistics Company -- "Smart Safe" Product Management

​​Managed development of CashLink "smart safes" used for cash management in convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and quick service restaurants.  

Cash Logistics Company -- Manufacturing Outsourcing

​​Managed outsourcing of manufacturing.  Planned and managed 50,000 sq. ft. plant closure.

Managing Projects
The urgent problems are seldom the important problems. -- Dwight Eisenhower

The average IT organization spends 45% to 55% of its time on unplanned (and urgent) activities.  Non-project work like ad hoc requests, maintenance, and fixes can distract resources and derail project plans in a hurry. Without visibility across the entire lifecycle of work, it’s nearly impossible to assess the real impact of these requests. Until you take a broader view of enterprise work, you put every project at risk of failure. --

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