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IT Project Management/WiFi Survey & Design/Information Security Services

Project Management: Common sense applied with uncommon discipline.


If you can always remember danger when you are secure and remember chaos in times of order, watch out for danger and chaos while they are still formless and prevent them before they happen, this is best of all. 

​-- Sun Tzu

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Documenting all the stuff that your technical staff doesn't want to document . . . 


we've been down this road before . . .

Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer Services.

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IT Project Management

Chuck Noll, the four-time Super Bowl-winning football coach, once told his players, “Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.” This is certainly an extension of Wooden’s preparation philosophy: "You can’t even do the ordinary if you don’t take the time to master the basics." THIS IS THE MATRIXPM PHILOSOPHY.

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